Thursday, 29 October 2009

Documentaries on Dance

Dance Umbrella 2009 is on now and you can find two videos related.

Heroes, Michael Clark
Common Dance, Rosemary Lee

I have to buy a ticket for Common Dance.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Sunday, 25 October 2009

UKIYO: To begin with

New blog, Floating Worlds

I have started a new blog, which focuses on the creative process of Ukiyo. This is a development of the idea I wrote on Documentation, score and creation. I am hoping other project members join and we can exchange and share our thoughts and imaginations. Let's see...

Floating Worlds

Pick n Mix @Woolworths, Laytonstone

This was my kind of performance.

It was not the most glamourous event as you can imagine from Woolworths (yeah it is the big chain shops that had went burst. They used to sell cheap stationaries, school clothes etc.). But in terms of the unusual space and also the audience group that may include lots of local people (look like lots of Asian?), I have found interesting.

The work, Catch,we are performing has been touring for more than 3 years so you may have seen it before, but in this site, the abstract work started having completely different meaning, which I found from the rehearsal.

It had been a great fun to adapt the movement in order to fit into the different shape of the space with some pillars that the viewers naturally read the relationship to the dancers.

Despite the hard floor and other lacking facilities, I love performing in this kind of space and more cusual settings.

And people...

From the conversation of Fearghus talking to the audience as introduction.

Furghus: Have you been to a real theatre?

Kids: Noooo.

A kid: Popcorn!!

It is not bad feeling to have an idea that we are influencing people.

I would love to have more of this kind of opportunities.