Monday, 15 November 2010

"I'm Here" at Feedback Forum

Hello Friends,

I am showing the third version of "I'm Here" at Feedback Forum at Independent Dance.

Friday 19th November 2010

Siobhan Davies Studios, 85 St. George Road, London, SE1 6ER

Feedaback Forum is FREE to attend. Places are however limited so please RSVP on 
020 7091 9662/

The first version was performed at Cafe OTO on 5th October.

The second version was performed at Stranger than Fiction event on 30th October.

I continue working and developing the work...

I would be great to have you there and receive some feedback.

Keep warm and stay well.

Best wishes,

Thursday, 11 November 2010








芸術家の場合,プロフィールのほかにartist statementというのがあって,


コラボレーション: collaboration



例えば,振付家の指示のもと振りを創ったり,インプロした場合− collaborationという。
振付家がステップを創ってダンサーに振り写しをした場合− collaborationとはいわない。







私自身も最近"Fragments"と"I'm Here"という二つのcollaborationの作品を創りました。"Fragments"は版画家と。"I'm Here"はサウンド・アーティストと。コラボレーターとの関係はそれぞれ全く違うものになりました。









Tuesday, 9 November 2010

To practise dance practice

Chrysa Parkinson self interview

I'm always wondering that there is no much knowledge of performers discussed and talked in dance. There are lots of talks by choreographers but not performers. I believe that performers have very unique knowledge on creativity and strategy, apart from how to prevent injuries and keep fit.

Here, at the link above, Chrysa Parkinson digs a discussion about what performance means to her.

This gives me enormous energy to keep going. Rather than where I get to in future, the important thing is to practise practise practise every moment. Even I am not dancing physically, even I am teaching Pilates for six hours in a studio, let me think that I am practising.

Writing is very important part of practice, and I wish I can develop the skill better.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Ukiyo 2 Creation Scene Short Version

The Creation Scene (slim down version), a small abstract from Ukiyo 2.

UKIYO 2 - A mixed reality installation fusing dance, sound, design and digital projections.

European premiere: Friday, June 8, 2o:oo
KIBLA Media Art Center / Maribor, Slovenia

presenting dap-lab / dans sans joux.

Conceived and directed by Johannes Birringer.

Performance by : Katsura Isobe
Costume Design : Michèle Danjoux
Real time 3d Graphics by : Doros Polydorou

In this scene the dancer, by using physical movements, is navigating and changing the virtual 3d environment in real time.

UKIYO 26th November 2010 at Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler's Wells

We have been working on UKIYO since 2008. Premiere at Brunel University in June 2009, then a performance in Kibla Art Centre, Slovenia in June 2010. It is a collaborative project beyond art disciplines and also countries. Needless to say, UK team consists of many nationalities (including me), but also we worked with artists in Japan. For this performance, three Japanese Butoh dancers will join us.

So many people have been involved and so many things are happening there. But for me it seems "ephemeral" is the key...
Well that's what UKIYO 浮き世 means anyway...


p r e s s  r e l e a s e                     27/ 10/ 2010

[Moveable World]

a choreographic installation fusing dance, sound, design and digital projections


directed by Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux

Friday, November 26, 2010
8:oo  pm
Lilian Baylis Studio 
Sadlers Wells, Rosebery Ave, London, EC1R 4TN
Ticket office:   0844 412 4300
Tickets: £ 12.00 / £ 10.00 (concession)

"Ukiyo" explores the layers of perceptions in an audiovisual world that constantly shifts and fragments. The audience is invited to move in and around the space which features five hanamichi (runways) and several projection screens for the virtual world graphics and animated photography. The dancers and musicians perform simultaneously with digital objects that mutate. Live sound, music and visual choreography for "Ukiyo" are designed for real-time gestural interaction to animate feedback and generative processes through which virtual space and physical performer movements are intertwined.

A European-Japanese collaboration directed by Johannes Birringer, “Ukiyo” is a choreographic installation featuring audiophonic design concepts and wearables by Michèle Danjoux, and choreography by Katsura Isobe, Helenna Ren, Anne-Laure Misme, Yiorgos Bakalos, and Olu Taiwo; choreography on screen by Biyo Kikuchi, Yumi Sagara, Jun Makime, Ruby Rumiko Bessho and Mamen Rivera; photography, video and 3D digital designs by  Paul Verity Smith, Doros Polydorou and Johannes Birringer; original music composed by Oded Ben-Tal, with live digital sound and sensor processing by Sandy Finlayson. Live music composed and performed by Caroline Wilkins. Scenography & lighting by Johannes Birringer. The Second Life graphical interface is designed by Takeshi Kabata and Yukihito Obara. Additional engineering by Eng Tat Khoo (Keio-NUS CUTE Mixed Reality Lab).

This performance by an international ensemble of artists from the DAP-Lab was developed in collaboration with butoh dancers and digital artists in Tokyo, Japan, as part of cross-cultural research into virtual environments directed by Birringer (director of DAP-Lab, and Center for Digital Performance, Brunel University, School of Arts) and coordinated in Japan by Yukihiko Yoshida (Keio University Tokyo).

For further information or photos, call +44 (0)1895 267 343

The European première of UKIYO took place in June 2010 at KIBLA Media Art Center, Maribor, Slovenia.  This project is supported by a grant from The Japan Foundation and The Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance at Brunel University, West London.

Small feedbacks around "I'm Here"

On 5th October 2010, at Cafe OTO

Ms.J: "So did you enjoy the evening?"
Me: Ah yeah...? (I want YOU to enojy the evening!)

Mr.D: "I want to see more!"
Me: :) :) :)

Mr.J: "You looked exhausted when you were running."
Me: ... (shit I don't want people to see me that way).

Mr.B: "How did you meet Manabu? He's really good!".
Me: I know.

On 30th October 2010 at Stranger than Fiction

Ms.R: I love the awl!
Me: It's made by my granma:)

Mr.G: They should have bow with you at the curtain call.
Me: (Oh I never had the idea they were my co-performers, wicked!).

Ms.X: I thought a toy was speaking everytime when you took out a figure from the bag, but they were not!
Me: (Thank god! I wanted that illusion to happen!).

I'm Here, evolution. 進化中

夏以降「I'm Here」というタイトルの作品に取り組んでいて,2回の全く違った公演の機会に恵まれました。一つ目は10月5日にあったCafe OTOでのパフォーマンス。10月末だろうと勝手に思っていた日程が早まり,あわててサウンド・アーティストの島田学さんとご対面し,話し合い,メールを送り合い,スタジオでの作業を重ね,やっとの本番では多くの人たちに来ていただいて,好評のまま終えることができて、やれやれでした。

このときにやったのは,振りや音との関係が90%決まっている,I'm Here,バージョン1。

その後,たまたまStranger than Fictionという即興のパフォーマンスをやっているグループの定期公演に招いていただき,折角この2ヶ月I'm Hereのテーマでいろいろ考えて来たので,その同じテーマで即興のパフォーマンスをすることにしました。Cafe OTOでのパフォーマンスの後,見に来てくださった高校の大先輩,原由美さんとお話してて,私が考えていることが作品に反映されていないということが課題に残ったので,その点をとくに改善すべく。それからOTOの時の振付けが,私らしくなく,ガチガチに決まったもので,音との関係も「この動きでこの音」ときつかったので,その決まり事から解放されて,その場の素直な身体と頭脳でパフォーマンスしたら,一体どうなるのだろうという好奇心もありました。

これが2つ目のバージョン,I'm Here- improvisation version。





2つのパフォーマンスをやったあとで,さらに自分の尻をたたき,前進するために,来週の金曜日,19日にIndependent Danceの主催するFeedback Forumというものに参加することにしました。文字通り,創作中の作品に対して意見感想をもらえるというものです。ここでの,私の課題は,第1と第2のバージョンをどううまく合体させるかということです。






For non Japanese readers, this is the summary of the this post.

How can I make the 3rd version of "I'm Here" as the result of the 1st version, a set choreography at Cafe OTO and the 2nd version, an improvisation at Stranger than Fiction?

Friday, 5 November 2010

I'm Here- improvisation version @ Stranger than Fiction

"I'm Here" an improvisation performance was performed as part of Stranger than Fiction event at Church on the Corner, Islington on 30th October 2010. This work shares the same concept as the original choreography "I'm Here" that premiered on 5th October 2010 at Cafe OTO. It deals with the gap between one's actual physical existence and one's imagined existence in mind. Filmed by Gigi Giannella.

Picture by Eleanor Sikorski

Improvisation performance event "Stranger than Fiction"

Dear friends,

I am excited to be involved in 'Stranger than Fiction' event for the first time. The evening will be all improvised performance from several artists. It would be great to share the moments with you there!

Best wishes,

A Monthly Celebration of Improvisation in Performance
Last Saturday of the Month

"Stranger than Fiction..."

Saturday 30th October at 7.30pm
Church on the Corner
64 Barnsbury Road, London, N1 0ES
£5 (including refreshments)

Katsura Isobe
dig, delve, sift, touch,
an international dance artist traverses the world
through improvisation

Mary Pearson
creep, sneak, explode, leap

a woman explores wild truths, characters and songs
that emerge from the moment


The Stranger than Fiction Collective
climb, flip, count, snip
Kate Hilder
Seke Chimutengwende &  Alex Crowe

reverse the fiscal deficit in a series of free flowing maneuvers

Doors open 7.15pm.
Please note - we may be unable to admit latecomers.
Further information and directions at

'I'm Here' at Cafe OTO- video

I'm Here
Premiere at Cafe OTO, 5th October 2010
Dance: Katsura Isobe
Sound: Manabu Shimada

"I'm Here" deals with the gap between one's actual physical existence and one's imagined existence in mind.

Filmed by Gigi Giannella.