Wednesday, 17 August 2005

Radiance One -Topos, Workshop with Over 50s Group

The Vyne Dancers
The Vyne Dancers

This is new experience for me. Radiance one -Topos is a site-specific project with Carol Brown. We are going to have a performance in a place where there will be the Woking Galleries in 2007. In 2005 autumn, they start the construction, and our performance is a kind of ceremony for that. The performers are three professional dancers include myself, about ten of over 50s ladies, and children (don't know how many). So our job includes some workshops with the local people, and I was allocated to do two workshops with over 50s group, The Vyne Dancers. The first one last week was with Carol, and this week on 16 August, I had to teach on my own. The Vyne Dancers consist of different age and physical abilities, but they are all nice and caring ladies. Also Carol gave me a clear task, so I was quite OK to lead a workshop. The session was just an hour and half, and there was a danger of getting too relaxed, not doing much... They are chilled out ladies. I focused to achieve what I wanted to get done: The ladies needed to learn a phrase of dance, and to refine it. The movement phrase is half created by Carol and half myself, and it focuses on the body parts lit by light objects worn on the ladies left wrists.
Some people already know that I am so fascinated by use of imageries for movement and I am so fussy about movement dynamics and quality. As I was teaching these ladies, this side of me started being loud, and I had to tell them some images and what kind of dynamics I wanted. It was interesting for me to see how they responded to my directions, and I loved the individual way of responding. I felt I knew what kind of person each lady was even though this was the second time to see them. This is the great thing about dance.



Hallvord said...

What is to "know" somebody? To predict their behaviour so they can't surprise you? :-)

There are obviously different degrees of "knowing" and I've always been intrigued by the odd "knowing" someone from a dance class where you have hardly spoken and yet spent so much time together and watching each other.

Sorry if this comment doesn't make much sense. I will go to bed now..

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