Saturday, 28 July 2007

Interaktionslabor, Germany 2

Two more days.

Now I can see the whole piece.
I know what I am doing in each scene.
The woman I am playing, still I don't like her but I've got her.

The process has been something interesting. We are dealing with interactive technology, and talking something about inter-subjectivity, communication, real or virtual etc. Cool.

OK then. Look at the process we have been going through for these two weeks. Everyone says that this is so precious opportunity to work with the numbers of experts in each art discipline. I would say this is the only occasion that everyone gets together except the actual show. It is true that we are spending quite many hours together to create something, but I doubt if things happened as much as this if we were communicating through the internet or emails.

Here is actual real interaction between people and their ideas. Each of us create something they want to try, put them together, select what works in the performance context. As we do this process, there are other problems on another level coming up. For example, how we can reach an agreement on the treatment of movie we made for a love scene, which contains some nudity that performers do not wish to show (yeah I'm one of them). We have a discussion about it. This is not directly related to the creation itself and maybe the discussion does not reach to a clear conclusion. But what I see is that the activity of discussion makes people communicate and it gives some good affect on the creation of a collaborative work. Lots of try-out and discussion work in that way. They don't bring conclusions most of time but it works as oil or spring board for the creation.

The oil and the spring board make the richness of a performance. I tend to rush into a conclusion, or try to get a result quickly, but I have to remind myself that nothing is waste. They are fertilizer and we don't know what kind of flower is coming out from there, and when.

On the other hand, there is a danger of just thinking anything goes. Like everything, the balance is important. Playing and planning. Planning and playing.

Going back to the interaction, so, the actual meeting and interaction of people bring infinite possibilities. In the chaos of unreasonable humans (yes they are), a sparkling jewel jumps out.

Communication on the internet has different quality. I remember this man, who could tell me so much about his personal things like what happened in the past and what's going on in his life, however, could not tell me anything face-to-face. The personal private intimate communication on emails is also a particular art, that cannot exist in the reality.

I am writing this, and I never talk anything like this to people.

Is this just my lack of ability of talking, or the nature of a blog?

...Probably both.

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