Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I'm Here, my new work

Last week from 16th- 22nd August, I was doing a summer residency at Space@ Clarence Mews. I was in the studio 3-4 hours a day to develop my new work I'm Here (working titile). It is a solo work at the moment with no sound. I am hoping to collaborate with a sound artist to put another layer on top of what I'm doing. It is about places and about a person.

Here I put a video from the sharing on 22nd Aug. It's 10 minutes long at the moment and I feel I just finished the introduction part (though I'm out of breath already). Eventually it will be 30 minutes long.

It was such precious experience to have the intensive period of creation, which does not happen very often. I have found so many small things about myself, dance and other things in life. I have learnt how I can be strong to work productively alone in a studio. I have started to distinguish how I can experience the work as performer and how I can watch the same work as choreographer. I feel this is the first work I am actually 'choreographing'.

My creation still goes on...

I wish I have more of this kind of opportunities soon.

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