Monday, 9 January 2006

Photographic Exhibition: aequilibrium

aequilibrium 009

aequilibrium 008

aequilibrium 006

aequilibrium 001

aequilibrium 004


Photographic Exhibition

Fri 6 Jan- Sat 28 Jan 2006
Everyday 11am-10pm (Sat 6pm)

The Camera Club
16 Bowden Street
London SE11
phone 020 7587 1809

download PRESS RELEASE pdf.

Last Friday, I went to an opening of a photo exhibition by Fulvio Rubesa. He takes pictures of dance, and print them with his original way of printing, so that the works suggests his own way of seeing dance. I worked with him in 2004 for his project called aequilibrium, meaning the balance. Since then he has had some exhibition including the Resolution! 2005 at The Place. And this time another exhibition in a gallery. I have seen ones of myself before and some others before but this time he added some pictures of a new dancer, so there were thirteen pictures from five dancers. He said that everyone improvised movements on the idea of the balance. But of course we can see from the pictures that every dancer had different shapes and dynamics. I was a bit amazed to see completely different ideas and results from other dancers, which I would never do. Also when I saw his pictures for the first time, I was very amazed that what I see in the pictures are completely different from what I thought I was dancing. It was an excitement of working with other art media. Opening my little subjective dance world to something more open and with more possibilities. Great.

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