Monday, 24 July 2006

Stephanie Schober, Catch in nottdance

On Friday 12 May, Stephanie and I performed the duet Catch at Lakeside Arts Centre in Nottingham.

I was very happy to perform there as part of nottedance since I had so much respect for the festival with innovative well-selected programmes.

Our touring with Stephanie finished in early March, and the memory of the work got less sharp and vivid after two months. We had had some rehearsals to get the memory and the body back. Still I was not feeling as alert as before, but as the day comes, we always have to give up the attempt to improve and just do our best on stage.

Despite of my lack of confidence earlier, it seemed the performance itself went well. Donald Hutera, a critic who hosted a talk with us after the show, has wrote very complimentary review on Dance Europe, one of the biggest dance magazine.

Unjustly neglected in its own country, nottdance is one of the UK’s most internationally respected, progressive and challenging dance/ performance festivals. New artistic director Nicki Molloy’s roster of artists for 2006 included Jonathan Burrows, Willi Dorner, Thomas Lehmen and La Ribot. Younger British-based talent got a look in, too, on a bill shared by Stephanie Schober and Frauke Requardt, plus a more experienced surprise guest.

Catch, Schober’s thoughtfully crafted and danced duet for herself and Katsura Isobe, is an abstract yet suggestive piece that deftly balances clarity and something more cryptic. Lasting a trim twenty minutes, it’s loaded with a rapid yet unfussy mixture of body shapes, steps and everyday gesture. Schober, expressive but painfully thin, and Isobe are a subtle pair gifted with an indefinable, psycho-emotional transparency. Their performances ensure that any possible dryness in the material is kept well at bay.

Donald Hutera. Dance Europe July 2006, p.56.

If there is an opportunity to see the magazine in a bookshop, you have to take a look. There is a nice big picture of us too!
Alternatively you can ask me to show it to you since I bought a copy...

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