Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Rex14 Chatch @LABAN

Hello Everyone,

I am performing with Stephanie Schober & Dance Company again on:

Tue 22nd July 2008

I will be performing a duet with the choreographer called "Catch", which we have been performing last two years and this will be the 14th performance in public.

I feel so much honour to perform the same piece so many times, and at the same time it is always difficult to keep it fresh and alive. I am planning to review all the small details of the movement in the piece so that I can find another meanings or narratives in it which reflects me at the moment rather than two years ago.

I attach the e-flyer that Stephanie made. Apparently she is teaching at the Place Summer School, so I will send the info too for your information.

I look forward to seeing you maybe at LABAN or elsewhere.

Best wishes,

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