Monday, 29 December 2008

Vanishing Point by Rosemay Butcher

I took a week-long workshop with Rosemary Butcher (15th - 19th Dec). Rosemary was one of my choreography tutors when I was studying at Laban. It was seven years ago. It was the beginning of my new life in London. And her practice has influenced me a lot in a way to understand dance. In this workshop, I felt like coming back home. Here is what I believe in. It is so honest and sincere.

The film Vanishing Point shows her aesthetics and creative process very well. From loads of movement materials they had created in a studio, spending days and hours, from 9 hours shooting, they have created this 15 minutes long short film. The final work is so simple, no waste, and so powerful.

Here are so important things that I don't want to forget....

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