Monday, 15 June 2009

Something I like

Hummm... I definitely would like her to be my GP.
And also it maybe interesting to work with her as a choreographer or dancer. But I am not going to be interviewed!

If a GP (General Practitioner= local doctor, for readers outside UK) is interested in this kind of things, she would be interested in human. Some people are going to see a doctor because this hurts and this body part is uncomfortable... and some doctor would give just painkillers to sort out the problems. But the true nature of the body is not like that and there are deeper connections to other body parts and systems and also the mind... It is time-consuming to see a patient in the holistic way and this way definitely does not fit the respectable free-of-charge GP system in this country. I wonder how this GP would cope with her job and her real interest.
Same can be said with my job as Pilates teacher.
In addition, I have stomachache right now.

This kind of performance, I like.
I am interested in developing very original form of performance.

... I was too late to find this notice. The show was finished yesterday.

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