Monday, 20 March 2006

Miranda Rights in China

Miranda Rights is a name of a creative group led by Paul Verity Smith, which creates performances with interactive technology.
Last summer, we made a work with sensors on a performer (me!) that controls the projected image behind the performer as she moves.
See the blog at that time

This time, we had an opportunity to go to China and to perform in three venues: two in Beijing and one in Shanghai.

Three performances took place in varied situations:
1) In a banquet- competition against full Chinese dinner in front of people
2) In a proper studio- We have done very well include Mr Technology
3) In a conference hall- no complains about the vanue. Mr Technology went mad.

It was shame that we finished with unsatisfying performance. Technology is mystery. I may not like it at all.

China. No time for sightseeing but managed to walk around.

Local shopping street, Beijing

Sleeping man, Shanghai

Oranges made in where, Shanghai

Are we allowed to interfere in their world?
Only mystery remains.

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