Saturday, 8 March 2008

Suna no Onna

Suna no Onna
(Woman in the Dunes)

is an experimental movement-based performance. It is inspired by a famous Japanese film Suna no Onna by Hiroshi Tesigawara. 

We have virtual dunes environment, where the woman (me!) inhabits. In this extraordinary surroundings, the dunes creep into the woman's house, into her garments, and into her mind. Or perhaps the other way around- the woman manipulates the dunes, in order to capture the foreign man as her partner of her life. 

The installation includes interactive video and animation, fashion design, electric music, and specially designed sensorial and interfacial garments, which respond to movement qualities, energies and emotional gesture.

Directed by Johannes Birringer and Michele Danjoux.

The work was originally commissioned by INTIMACY festival at Laban and Goldsmith College.

Suna no Onna
Fri 14th March, 19.45

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