Friday, 14 November 2008

Simone Forti interview- Dance and music improvisation

I am thinking to develop the work with Ute after the improvisation performance we had last week.
Here is some hint what we can explore.
Simone also tells exactly how she works.
This may not be a right approach for us.
It's a big exploration itself to find a right way to approach.
Needs lots of hours in a studio...

I took a week long workshop with Simone Forti two years ago.
We went for a walk, write whatever comes up in mind without stopping, and 'perform' solo improvisation with movement and talking in front of peers.
It was more like 'be' in front of people, rather than 'performing'.
And she also did it in front of us.
So honest existence...

Her way of improvisation and also how she has found a way to do so are very unique.
I admire her work.

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