Tuesday, 9 November 2010

To practise dance practice

Chrysa Parkinson self interview

I'm always wondering that there is no much knowledge of performers discussed and talked in dance. There are lots of talks by choreographers but not performers. I believe that performers have very unique knowledge on creativity and strategy, apart from how to prevent injuries and keep fit.

Here, at the link above, Chrysa Parkinson digs a discussion about what performance means to her.

This gives me enormous energy to keep going. Rather than where I get to in future, the important thing is to practise practise practise every moment. Even I am not dancing physically, even I am teaching Pilates for six hours in a studio, let me think that I am practising.

Writing is very important part of practice, and I wish I can develop the skill better.


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実はChrysa,この12月にロンドンのIndependent Danceという所で5日間のワークショップを開くのです。私はこの間,Jonathan Burrowsと彼女のパフォーマンスを見て,少し気になってgoogleしたら,このリンクに巡り会ったという訳です。で,俄然ワークショップやりたくなったのですが,既に満員だった。。。期間中にあるトークにはかならず行こうと思っています。

Katsura Isobe said...

Chrisaのワークショップに参加できることになりました!12月13日から17日までIndependent Danceにて。目から鱗,になるといいな!

Mz. Noodle said...

Hi Katsura, Very late in replying to this post you made, but in September, I saw Jerome Bel's piece "Cedric Andrieux" which is, in fact, Andrieux talking about his experience as a performer and dancing. It was an amazing piece, I loved watching him. I guess Bel has done a bunch of pieces like this where he features performers that he has worked with over the years talking about what they do. You should definitely look into it if you aren't already aware of this work. Love the snow photos! Miss you and hope you have a good transition to 2011. - Lena

Katsura Isobe said...

Hi Lena!

Thank you for the comment. I have seen Jerom Bel's "Show Must Go On" at Sadler's Wells a couple years ago. They had a period of focus on Jerom Bel and showed several works from him, but most of them I missed. Damn!

I found short clips of "Cedric Andrieux"on You Tube and all I can see there is that he is a lovely dancer. I can imagine combined with humorous cleverness of Jerom, the work would be very meanigful.

Thank you for letting me know about this.

I just finished the workshop with Chrysa Parkinson and it was very intriguing and stimulating. I am still in my thought from it.

Would be nice to talk with you again. I miss you too.

Let's see what 2011 will bring us.

Best wishes,