Tuesday, 2 January 2007

New Year 2007

Happy New Year 2007!

Looking back 2006, my major events were:

March- Performing in Beijing and Shanghai in China.
May and September- Wedding and moving house
August and onwards- Finishing Pilates teachner training course and getting a new job

Yes. It was full of events although I did not feel so. A slight feeling of the regular dance activities being taken over by change of my circumstances, supported by lack of luck for more dance oppotunities.

In the new year, I am going to focus more on dance. To begin with, I want to spend more time for some creative activity and want to be inspired. I need to be inspired constantly so that I can enjoy myself and appreciate the life more. For me, dance is like a window to look at other things happening around me. Probably because I have spent so much time to practise and think about dance, I often realise how things and facts are related by working on dance.

To be honest, having got regular and well-paid job as a Pialtes teacher, I have had a big question about my commitment on dance. How long can I keep going like this? Sometimes no work at all, and other times whip myself for too many works. Always less income than friends in other careers. Anyway what is dance? Why do I dance? Does anyone appreciate it at all? More and more questions.

After several months of this endless questioning, I realised that I miss dance. I can live without dance but my life is not as exciting as with dance. I have more appetite for knowledge or experience, with dance. As a person, I want to keep going forward, so my life is better with dance.

So that's why I want to spend more time on dance this year. I am going to start a personal exploration this month. Not aiming to produce something, just looking at details and finding some dialogs between my thoughts and my body... Step by step...

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