Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Dance is a lifestyle.

My dance teacher back in Japan, Fujisato-sensei, said "dance is a religion".

My Pilates teacher, Alan Herdman, said "Pilates is a lifestyle".

Last night, websurfing through Facebook groups, I found a group called DANCE is NOT a sport it is a LIFESTYLE!. Although I do not belong this group, this has brought back these words from my teachers.

Since I started teaching Pilates, I have been struggling to understand the value of dance, for myself.

In Pilates world, everything costs with one more extra zero. But (or because?) many people appreciate it so much. Through remedial Pilates, people can sort out backache, joints problems and muscular stain.

I can get regular and permanent jobs and income in Pilates, quite easily.
Whereas in dance, nothing is regular and permanent. We dancers move from one project to another, one audition to another, and then work very hard with their own body and mind, and get paid minimum or even no pay.

This does not make sense as a job.

But what I really appreciate being a dancer is that I can understand better and better about body, human and the society, by sensing, moving and thinking.

Miranda Tufnell, an artist who works with body, space and image, said in a workshop on Sunday two weeks ago, " We dancers are ambassadors of the body". There is lots of essence we see, and they are relevant to all the people.

So dance may be a religion. And definitely, dance is a lifestyle.

This makes me see other dancers in a morning class in a different way. They are no competitors but colleagues.

Perhaps, the same applies to other places too.
A first step towards world peace, or just being hypocritical?

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