Friday, 22 July 2005

INTAKT Interaktionslabor, Germany

Gottelborn former coal mine, Germany
Internationales Interaktionslabor
18-31 July 2005

Dance and Technology is a new area in dance practice and dance academics. I have been working with Paul Verity Smith since 2002, and this summer we spend two weeks on the site of the former coal mine Gottelborn, Germany. There is a laboratory called INTAKT that is for interactive media, sound, design, digital video,telecommunications and performance.
From my understanding, our team is making a performance. I am an only dancer. But I am two: one in live and one in video projection. I in live can manipulate sound and video image through sensors on my body. but I in live is not only trying to manipulate, I need to be dancing and all the aspects needs to work together as a performance.
At the moment I have three sensors: 2 accelerometers, and an orient sensor. accelerometers can sense the acceleration of my movement and they are on my wrist and shoulder. One for orientation is on my shoulder and can sense which way I'm facing.
It is time-consuming process and I have lots of time to wait while other computer people are setting up or programming something. Working with technology needs very different approach for dancers and that is what I am interested in.
Hope we can create something interesting by the end of these two weeks!

Webcam in the lab



Hallvord said...

Why do we never see you on the webcam???

katsurabbit said...

Hi Hallvord! Yeah I know... sometimes we are outside shooting film, or sometime just the camera is facing elsewhere... You could find me if you look at the archive. Anyway I've just danced in front of camera with sensors and video projection. Hope you had chance to look at!