Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Taking class at gDA

On a day I don't have any rehearsals, I go to a professional class in the morning. Greenwich Dance Agency (gDA) is the nearest place to take those classes for me so I often go there. It costs £3.80 per class, which is quite reasonable price compared to commercial dance studios like Pinnapple or Dance Works. The classes are from 10.30-12.00 everyday from Monday- Friday, and teachers changes every week although they all teach release-based contemporary dance technique. There is also a live musician. This is almost too good environment for dancers who trained in Japan!
Recently I cannot go to a class so often because I have rehearsals in the morning. But when I go there, I enjoy myself a lot, dancing "dancy" dance, which I don't dance in someone's choreography. We create more original movement for a choreography, I mean. But sometimes I need time to face purely on my body, and review all the routines. Also a class is nice place to see friends. We catch up each other after a class.


リハーサルがない日には朝のプロフェッショナル・クラスを受けにいきます。うちから一番近いのはグリニッジ・ダンス・エージェンシー(gDA)。ひとクラス £3.80 (約760円)。パイナップルスタジオやダンスワークスなんかの営利目的のスタジオと比べるとはるかに良心的なお値段です。クラスは月曜から金曜まで毎朝10時半から12時までで,先生はどの先生もコンテンポラリーのリリーステクニックを教えますが,週ごとに変わります。生伴奏付き。日本でダンストレーニングをしてきた身には大変贅沢な環境です!

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