Thursday, 7 July 2005

Yellow Wall Paper project

Yellow Wall Paper
©Gigi Giannella

Yellow Wall Paper is a project that I have been working with a scenographer, Caroline Collinge, who is a friend of mine. Caroline has been inspired by the feminist novel in the 19th century, titled The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. We had a first work-in-progress performance at Battersea Arts Centre last Saturday on 2 July. The photo here is from the performance. Although we performed on a stage this time, we intend to perform in different places, away from theatres. Today, we visited a beautiful Victorian tavern facing right on the Thames in Greenwich, where we will hold a performance on 3 August, as part of the ICKL conference banquet. We had great ideas what and how to do, taking advantage
of the architeture and the situation of a banquet! It is going to be impressive!

友達のセノグラファー(パフォーマンス関係のデザインをする人)キャロラインと,Yello Wall Paperというプロジェクトをしています。先週の土曜日,7月2日にバタシー・アーツセンターという劇場で,まだ創作途中ではありますがお披露目をしました(写真)。今回は舞台上での上演でしたが,今後の希望としては、劇場から離れて,いろいろな建物内でやりたいと思っています。今日はグリニッジはテムズ川沿いのレストランに下見に行っていました。ビクトリア調でとても美しい建物。そこで8月3日にICKLという学会の晩餐会とあわせてパフォーマンスをします。この建物と晩餐会という状況をうまく利用してきっと面白いものができる予感がします!


Anonymous said...

hey hey Katsura!!, lookforwards to see it!!. I'm happy you are work together. I'l be not suprise you guys will rock one day. all these time reading propgrams plus programms. everyone starts where you guys are starting. Hope one day i can take u to performe in Ecuador ;)

katsurabbit said...

Thanks! I'd love to go to Ecuador oneday!!!